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Salem Works

Salem Works is a simple, focused job board that aggregates job openings at organizations in Salem, Massachusetts to make it easier for job seekers to find local opportunities and employers to advertise their open roles.

Salem has a vibrant economy with myriad opportunities for work, but finding those opportunities is not always easy–websites for local organizations are dispersed and large job sites often fail to produce relevant hyperlocal listings.

Salem Works aims to serve the following stakeholders in the local economy:

Job Seekers

Allow more Salem residents to skip the commute, work locally, and build stronger community connections by doing so.


Help employers keep local talent in town instead of losing it to Boston and other area locations. Our hypothesis is that Salem organizations can attract more dedicated employees and increase retention by reaching area job seekers who value the convenience and connection of local work.

City of Salem

Salem is known as an amazing place to live, eat, shop, and visit. Salem Works hopes to elevate it as a place to work as well by greasing the wheels for residents and employers to connect more easily and more often. If this produces second order effects such as fewer people on the road commuting and more spending at local businesses in town–even better!

Who built this and why?

👋 I’m Rich Thornett, a Salem resident of more than 15 years and a software developer for over 20. I co-founded a popular design community called Dribbble where we built a job board that’s been used by over 60,000 companies to hire designers.

After exiting the business, I continued to think about communities and opportunities. Salem–where my wife and I bought our first home and our kids have grown up and gone to school–is the community I care about most. Municipalities tend to be underserved by technology. Could I contribute software to highlight opportunities and foster connections in my local place as I did previously in the design space? Job boards are familiar terrain and tap my curiosity to explore our small city economy. Thus Salem Works became my inaugural experiment in building digital infrastructure for local communities. Hopefully it proves valuable to Salem. 🤞


How do I post a job?

Please email us at and we can help you with that. Eventually, we’ll allow employers to post directly on the website, but we’re currently in a learning phase as we get to know employers to understand their needs. We’d love to hear from you so we can help you hire.

Does posting a job cost money?

Currently, no. Longer term, we may pursue revenue streams such as paid postings for certain types of jobs, premium job posts, sponsorships, etc toward making the board sustainable without volunteer effort. But it will always be affordable for local businesses and is currently a free service.

Please note

Salem Works reserves the right to curate this board, remove any job posting, and be the last word on whether or not a job is appropriate for our intended audience and purpose. For example, we may not list positions with large businesses and chains headquartered outside of Salem because such roles are often posted in large quantities that would overwhelm other listings; they may also be less relevant to our mission of aiding local employers. But our perspective is a work in progress that we’ll be updating as we learn and grow.

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